Thursday, March 12, 2015

The beginning (Tuesday)

After much packing and cleaning and last minute everything, the Professor and I went to bed late only to get up early.  Four and a half hours of sleep are enough.  Right? 
The children got up happily (except for Miss S, who refused to wake up until I was in the middle of dressing her) and got ready quickly.  A good friend was kind enough to drive us to the airport.

(We made it on time!)

The first flight went smoothly.  We had about an hour between flights.  Our layover went well.  We even managed to fit in the bathroom breaks, a little bit of running in circles, and emptying the trash before getting on the next plane.

The next plane had screens for each seat.  These provided hours of entertainment with games and movies.

The boys were enthralled.

Miss S lost no time in finding Frozen.  She fell asleep during the safety announcement.

She finished her movie when she woke up hours later.  Her nap and her movie took up most of the flight.  (Thanks for all the prayers.)

We made our way through the airport (lots of long hallways) and finally found our train into town.  (I was impressed by the quiet help getting on and off of rush hour trains the people around us offered.  They are kind.)

Everything went mostly smoothly, with mostly cheerful children, other than a few adventurous bits: The inevitable apple juice spill in one seat and the water spill all over my pants.  The Professor being awakened on the plane by a blinking overhead light that would not be stopped.  The laptop playing a movie for Miss S on the first flight would not play the sound.  Miss S walks very slowly through long, long airport halls.  The train ticket kiosk did not want to take our card.

But it all ended with our first view of France at dawn.  It was beautiful, even through dirty train windows.

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