Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 11 (Saturday)

Saturday we cleaned up the apartment.  In the morning, we took all the kids and walked to the grocery store.  We needed to pick up treats for Miss S's birthday the next day.

After lunch, we got ready for another exploration.  The day kept raining.  Every time we were ready to leave, it started to rain.  Finally, we just went.  We walked through the Volksgarten to show the Professor since he hadn't been yet.  The rain stopped, and we finally saw some blue sky for the first time in Cologne.

We tried to go to a toy store near the park, but it was closed by the time we got there.  On the way back, we walked to a train station to pick up tickets for our trip to church on Sunday.  Unfortunately, the machine only took coins, and we mostly had bills.

As it was almost dinner time, we got some sandwiches from the little Doner Kebab place by the train station.  It gave us almost enough change to get tickets to get to church, but we were still one Euro short to get us all back.  I took the kids and started walking back home.  The Professor went to get the tickets we had change for.
Halfway home, Miss M asked where the umbrellas were.  And so we walked back to meet the Professor.  And he got to run back to the Doner Kebab place where we had left them.  Eventually, we made it home.
Half the kids loved the sandwiches.  Half of them were not sure about them.
The evening was spent cleaning up and getting the kids bathed for Sunday.

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