Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 12 (Sunday)

Sunday morning we needed to leave, with everybody clean and fed and dressed nicely, in time to catch the 8:20 tram nearby.  Amazingly enough, we made it with time to spare.  We only forgot the diapers and wipes for Miss S.

We had to change trains once (with a fifteen minute wait).  Luckily, the train station is very close to the chapel.  We got to church by 9:15, about fifteen minutes early.  It was wonderful being in church again.  We met a lovely lady (Angela, maybe?) who spoke English and helped us know where everybody's classes were.  She was also the Kindergarten (Nursery) teacher.  Miss S went with her.

The middle four children went to Primary.  They just about doubled the size of the Primary.  The sister missionaries went with them to translate.  I went to Relief Society.  A lovely woman who had served a mission in Wisconsin sat next to me and translated.  Miss M was the only young woman there.  Thankfully, her teacher spoke English (was American, actually.)  And her husband, I think, translated for the Professor.  During Sunday School, another gentleman came over and offered to translate for us as our other helpers had other places to go.  Then, during Sacrament meeting, another gentleman translated, and we used headsets to listen to him.

I don't think I have ever needed so much help just to attend my meetings.  We would have been happy to be there even without the translation, but it made an enormous difference.  Just having a general idea what they were talking about really helped.  We are so grateful for all of the people who served us.

It was nice to take the Sacrament and worship with others on Sunday.  It was also wonderful to talk with people.  I miss social interactions.  When most of the time I can't even understand the cashier, I start to feel isolated.

After Sacrament meeting, it was time to go home (with some very fidgety children).  The Professor's friend was at church, too.  We invited him to come to lunch and birthday festivities as he had nothing else going on for a bit.  The kids enjoyed someone to perform for and play games with.
We made pasta salad (per Miss S's request) and had doughnuts and presents.  Our guest left.  We had a quiet evening.

Three-year-olds' birthdays are delightful.  Every doughnut, every chocolate bunny, every kinder egg is exciting and wonderful.  She was thrilled and thankful for everything she got.

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  1. You know, if you were in need of a translator I would have been MORE than happy to come along. :) You are living my dream of living in Germany! Happy birthday to Miss S. 3 whole years!