Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Day 3 (Friday)

Friday morning at 3 am, Miss E threw up.  Shortly after that Miss S woke up.  They eventually settled.  But that was not the night that I caught up on my sleep.  Later that morning, Miss E seemed to be feeling much, much better, and so we continued our adventures.

First, we visited Notre Dame.  I love the feeling in old cathedrals.  The peace and sanctity that comes from hundreds of years of prayers and consecration is tangible.

From there we walked over to Sainte Chapelle with the bells of Notre Dame ringing as we went. While waiting in line, we sang "Five Little Speckled Frogs" to keep Miss S from chasing the pigeons behind us.  The stained glass inside was impressive.

Sainte Chapelle was built to house various relics of Christ's Passion.  During the revolution, the relics were removed, eventually finding their way to Notre Dame's treasury.

Miss M and Miss E were curious about these, so we returned to Notre Dame, ate our lunch in the square in front of it, and split up.  The Professor took the girls and Young M back inside while I took the other three to find a nearby playground.

We found a few places to play in the park around the cathedral.  The kids really enjoyed the spinning, tilted disc that they could climb on.  We met a couple of boys from Belgium who loved it, too.

Eventually, we all headed over towards the Louvre.  Along the way we stopped for crepes.  Warm, large, fresh crepes taste very good at dinner time on a colder day.  We tried the strawberry, the nutella, the apricot, the mushroom, and the ham and egg.  Most of them were well received.

We did a quick taste of the Louvre.  We saw some of the statues, some of the paintings, and a few other things as we passed.  The Mona Lisa wasn't very crowded, which was very nice.  We enjoyed finding statues that looked like they were taking selfies.  It kept us entertained along the way.

Miss S had fallen asleep in her stroller (as she did at the Centre Pompidou the night before).  This made everything much simpler, until bedtime.

We stopped at the gift shop on the way out to let the kids choose their favorite postcards.

After that, it was time to come back to the apartment for a late dinner and a late bedtime.

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