Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 8 (Wednesday)

Wednesday morning was spent cleaning the apartment. Feeding eight people and trying to run out of food but not be hungry is not simple.  We managed pretty well.

After lunch we gathered up our things and took the metro to our train.  Between leaving a bit late and wandering through the big train station, we only had five minutes left by the time we reached our seats.  The kids enjoyed the train ride through France, Belgium, and Germany.
As we waited to get off, Miss S made friends with a lovely French lady.  They played peek-a-boo and other shy games.  She told us how to say "German" in French.
We made our way to our apartment where we checked in with a woman with little English.  It worked, mostly.
After she left, we had an empty fridge, hungry children, and fifteen minutes before the store closed.  The Professor hurried off for emergency provisions while the children and I unpacked.

I am amazed at this apartment.  There is a space for everything we need.  There is not extra space, but we don't need extra space.  The children's room has one big wardrobe.  It has six big shelves, one for each child.  It has space for shoes and bags.  It has drawers for homework.  And it has space on top for luggage.

The fridge is dishwasher size.  The dishwasher doesn't exist.  The oven is a microwave/broiler oven.  We have eight forks and spoons and knives.  We fit around the table.  There is a long portable crib that fits Miss S.  There are enough other beds for everyone else.  I didn't know if we would really fit into a two bedroom apartment smaller than our graduate school apartment.  We do.

When the Professor got back, he brought frozen pizza.  We managed to cook them in the microwave/broiler oven.  I'm not sure we did it right, but it sure tasted good to hungry kids.

All that was left was settling everybody down enough to sleep.

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