Thursday, March 19, 2015

Day 6 (Monday)

Fun with new friends
Just her size
By Monday, (before then, actually), the troops were getting restless.  The children were getting tired of museums and paintings and walking.  The two playgrounds we had found were small and mostly for little ones.  That morning, we set out to remedy the situation.
and long
We took our lunch to a playground near the Louvre.  It had another tilted spinner, a merry-go-round that seemed related to the tea-cups at Disneyland, a four-person see-saw, some jumping platforms, some bouncy toys, a slide for little kids, and a climbing structure mostly made from rope (actually rope covered metal) with a fast slide at the end.
Jumping platform
From inside
Thank goodness for places where I don't have to say, "Don't touch" or "Get down" or "Be quiet" or "Please use that carefully."  We may not have gotten to run on the grass at Tuileries but the kids didn't mind anymore.
So I had to crawl her through.
After a glorious play, we returned to the Louvre.  We saw a few things we had missed the first time and found a few of the pictures from the kids' postcards we got a few days earlier.  (We missed a large amount of stuff.  Of course we did.  It's huge.)
A favorite
"Selfie guy"
We returned home for dinner and family home evening.  We had a great lesson (from the Professor) on scripture study.  (Fast summary: ask questions in prayer, search for answers in scriptures, ponder what you read and feel, write down your thoughts, questions and feelings, and thank the Lord for the answers and experience.)  We had a silly activity.  (Act out something from our trip while others guess.)  And we had a tasty treat.  (Young M, Young T, the Professor, and I had chosen some delicacies from the nearby bakery.  We had a tasting session.  The general consensus was: raspberry eclair is most delicious, strawberry cake/pastry/trifly thing is also most delicious, chocolate eclair is delicious, and chocolate bread is somewhat delicious.)

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