Thursday, March 19, 2015

Germany (Group post)

(By Miss M and the rest of the kids)

     Young A: This should be called "Bob the Cat".

     Miss E: We should take turns typing.

     Miss M: Weren't we writing about something else?

     Young A: We need to tell the story of Bob the Cat! Because that's the title.

     Miss E: NO! This is called a group post, so we all need to take turns typing.

     Miss M: No. This works.

     Young A: No, it doesn't.

     Miss M: Yes, it does.

     (Repeat above two lines as many times as you want. You can also substitute Miss E for Yoing A.)

     Miss M: It does.

We are now in Germany. Young A says this is BORING. Miss E is apparently hungry. Everyone else is playing. The end. Young M says this should be called "Cuckoo".

 Young A:The story of Bob the Cat. (There.)

About Bob the Cat. The END!

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