Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Cologne Cathedral

by Young M (and Rachel)

The day we went to the cathedral, it was windy.  We went on the tram to Neumarkt and walked to the cathedral.

First we looked around and Young A went to the bathroom.  Then we went to the tower and got a family ticket and put the stroller under the stairs.  We walked up all the stairs (over 500) and some of the windows had writing or something like that on them.  Mom had to carry Miss S over halfway.  Miss M helped.  When we got to the big open space, we went and took a rest.  Miss S was scared.

Then we went up rickety metal stairs in the strong, strong wind.  When we got to the top of the rickety metal stairs, there were more stairs.  After we went up those, we were almost at the top.  Then some of us went to the top where it was super duper windy.

Then we went down and went out the side to the treasury.  There was lots of gold in the treasury.  There were also some wood that they think is pieces of the cross and a nail they think is from the cross.  Then we went up stairs and Mom asked for change so we could go to the bathroom.  He said sure, but there was a free bathroom downstairs not marked on the small map.  Then we went home from a train station nearby.

Miss M's hair was acting energetic. It was a fun and windy trip.  I liked it.  (I am afraid of heights.)

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