Sunday, April 12, 2015


by Young A (and Rachel)

Yesterday we went to a "mountain" called Drachenfels (Dragon Rock). It was a short mountain (at least compared to the mountains in Utah.)

There are stories that there used to be a dragon living in a cave in Drachenfels. There are a few different stories about why there isn't one right now.  Some of them are that the dragon attacked a boat full of gunpowder or that when it was about to eat a girl, the sight of her crucifix was too much for it.

We hiked up there instead of taking the train.  It was steep except for where it was flat.  First we went to the ruins at the summit of the mountain.  Then we hiked back down to the castle Drachenburg and checked that out.

We walked up the spiral staircase at the tower after exploring the public parts of the castle. Then we went down the mountain and ate french fries (Pommes Frites) with curry ketchup and mayonnaise. Then we walked back to the train to go home.

We left our train catching abilities at home and missed the train (barely) unlike our trip to Schloss Augustusburg.

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