Sunday, April 12, 2015

Schloss Augustusburg

by Young A (and Rachel)

We went to a palace called Schloss Augustusburg on Wednesday, April 8.  (We almost missed our train there, but because it was late, we made it.)  We went through with audio guides and listened about the different things.

Afterwards we went out to the gardens and wandered around in the forest which had paths running through it.  On each side there were tons of wild flowers and, since it was a forest, there were trees. There were often tire tracks running along the sides of the path.  We took a lot of pictures while we were there.  

After the forest, we went to a "little" hunting lodge which was connected by a path to the palace.  It was a lot less fancy there.  It looked like a place that would be nicer to be in.  After that we walked back to the train.  

The train was late and was about half of its normal size.  It was very crowded, and we almost didn't fit on the train.  While we were waiting for the tram, we got Doner Kebabs for dinner.  After that we barely caught the tram to go home.

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