Sunday, April 12, 2015

My trusty steed

by Miss S (and Rachel)

When we go on adventures, we take Minimus, my stroller.  Minimus is my horse, just like Sofia has.  Sometimes he is Anna's horse from Frozen, instead. Then, I am Anna.  Sometimes, he is just Strolley.  And on Sundays, we leave him home, and I am Cinderella in my pretty blue dress trying to catch my carriage to the ball.  (Then I don't have to worry about my horse at church.)

I would like to tell you about Link Between Worlds.  (This is very important to me, so Mom will quote verbatim.)  "I can't go in the castle on my file with Blue Link, and I'm trying to save Zelda.  And Dad was Shadow Link so I killed him on Miss M's file without asking permission to play.  And I'm trying to get in the castle to save Zelda.  That's my email at home in the mailbox."

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